Relief Captain/Officer - 55m Active Charter/Private M/Y


Active 55m foreign flagged M/Y is seeking a Relief Captain/Officer to join them in the Caribbean for one month.

Ideally seeking an experienced Captain who wouldn’t mind having slightly less responsibility and is keen to jump on deck again, while earning a Captains salary.

He/she would do all the duties of a First Officer and provide guidance, assistance and knowledge to the newly appointed rotational Captain, as needed.

Seeking a Captain with 1 or 2 year's experience minimum. Able to drive a tender and do the physical side of the deck.

Start date is 15th December 2021 until 15th Jan 2022

Salary $16,000 for the month, plus equal share of charter tip

1 week owner trip for Christmas 
2 weeks of charter over New Year

St Maarten - St Thomas

  • Crew must be registered online with us to be considered, with profile and supporting documents up to date. Point of contact for this position is Sarah Bester.

  • Confirmations of interest may be emailed directly to 


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