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2nd Stew for Florida Based Private Yacht


Seeking 2nd Stew for Florida based private yacht:

• 150'+ Private Yacht, Foreign Flag
• Valid STCW and ENG-1
• Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen and background check
• Non-Smoker
• At least a year commitment
• Itinerary is primarily Florida and Bahamas. Home base location is Florida
• Slow program with approximately 3-4 weeks of guests per year. Boat doesn't travel much and is docked at most locations.
• Hire date: We want to take our time to find a good fit but we would prefer to have them start soon
• At least 6 months to a year experience with relevant references from yacht professionals
• Hospitality background including serving experience
• Role will include rotation between housekeeping and service
• Must get along with children and dogs
• Benefits and pay to be discussed with Captain

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